EILAT 2021 Blog: News and Updates

Welcome To Eilat!

Each year, players from all over the world gather to decide who are the best players in their genre. We are excited because the world E-Sports championship has reached the final stage. The best from all over the world came to Eilat in Israel to prove to everyone that they are the ones who will receive the most prestigious title which is: World’s Champion!

It is hard to believe that for months many players from all over the world trained and competed with each other only to reach the climactic moment that is taking place right here, the resort city Eilat in Israel.

If you are curious to see the event, you are more than welcome to come to the Icemall in Eilat. The shopping center is built in a round shape, so no matter which direction you come from, you can see all the action right in front of you. More than that, you can sit in one of the cafes and drink coffee leisurely while in front of your eyes the best players in the world compete frantically with each other.

The event complex is divided into 5 areas, in each of the areas you can find different groups of players from all over the world, and do not worry, it is not difficult to find out which countries the players came from because they wear team uniforms that reflect which country the team comes from. All parts of the complex are located in front of the main stage on which you can see a huge screen that broadcasts the most interesting games all the time.

One of the more interesting experiences you can encounter right here at the World Championships is the excitement of the players. Every few minutes you can hear a player or even an entire team screaming with excitement following a win they have achieved or screaming in frustration at the loss they have faced.

The first day of the event began with a large and impressive ceremony opened by Michael HarPaz who presented what is expected to be during the event and of course introduced all the key people who helped and supported the establishment of this event.

Mr. Stefan Vlad Marinescu - IESF President thanked everyone who took part in organizing the competitions and of course all the sponsors who made this huge event possible. Mr. Marinsko has shared that at the final event which will take place on Friday, the country which is expected to host next year’s gaming championships will be revealed.

We are excited and congratulate all the participating players, wish everyone an exciting and interesting event, and that the best will win, welcome!


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